Posted: January 31, 2007 in My life

Today after I got home from school my brother-n-law sent me a text wanting to know if I wanted to play some racquet ball.  At the time I was loading up my boys to go to the gym.  I told him yes and that I would come pick him up.  We got to the gym at about 10:15 and we started playing.  Racquet ball is fun and is a really good way to get your cardio in.  We played for 45 minutes and then came the old man.  His dad; my father-n-law.  We started back up at like 11:05.  When we got done I looked like a mop that just got pulled out of a bucket with out ringing it out…SICK…I felt disgusting and my nipples were hurting.  That was random!!!  I also have 3 ball marks on my arm, right rib cage, and in the smack dab middle of my back.  The ball hurts when it hits you.  We left the gym around 12 something.  I am tired and about to take a nap.

  1. Cory says:

    Man, I just started playing racquetball for my racquetball’s tough. I suck at judging the bounces off the wall.

  2. Michelle says:

    I must say your blog made for interesting reading. Sometimes a little TMI, but whose perfect, right. I hope your nipples have recovered….perhaps raquetball just has that effect on ’em. 😉

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