Posted: February 5, 2007 in My life

WOW!!! This weekend was really a bad experience for my wife and I.  Our family is moving to Dallas, TX this year and we are going back and forth to find houses.  It is really exciting.  When we got toDallas on Saturday afternoon we had an appointment to go look at this house my dad is wanting to invest in.  We went to this restaurant called (I am not giving you the name)and it was horrible.  The wait time was not bad. (10-15minutes).  After we sat down at the table the waiter was trying to sell us everything; he did not ask if he could take our order.  Which I thought was very strange.  He keep on insisting that we get this or we get that.  I finally ordered combo fajitas.  The fajitas sounded and smelled really good, however, when the food arrived it looked so small the tiniest, and littlest bird in the world would not get full on this.  I bet the bird would still be hungry.  Oh ya, my wife and I are suppose to split this.  There were hardly no onions, no chicken, and no beef.  What the heck is going on here!  We asked for more onions and got them of course but the portion of the food sucked…(and that is being nice).  We also ordered some sour cream because for some odd reason fajitas do not come with sour cream anymore.  They charged us 1.45 for a spoon full of this white substance that makes the fajitas taste great.  WE WILL NEVER GO BACK AGAIN.  I love going to Dallas and I can not wait until we move.  The hotel that we stayed in was not very pleasant either.  I called the front desk to get some more towels and they said that the housekeepers were not here yet and it would be about 30 minutes.  OK so 30 minutes has passed bye and my mom calls down and asked for some towels.  They told us we had to catch them in the hallway to get a towel….WOW!!!  I have never heard of that in my life.  Well I will try it out again, but it will be better when we move there.


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