Posted: February 6, 2007 in My life

Anybody who knows my wife and I know we got to wal-mart almost more than the employees do.  Last night we went to get a few groceries and when we were checking out; we seriously had the rudest old lady ever.  My wife uses coupons and we get a lot of great deals with the fruit and veggies that we purchase.  When we approached the register Ashley said that we had coupons for the food.  The lady just kind of looked at her like, whateva!!!  My wife looked at me like, OK this lady is rude; she actually said that out loud where my ears where the only ones that could here her…lol….Anyways our experience was awful and the lady made checking out very unpleasant.  I think God is really trying to teach my wife and I something; What it is I have no idea yet.  I think it is weird that we keep running into rude people.  I love wal-mart.

  1. Cory says:

    Ah yes..another edition of “Rayson’s Rants”

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