Posted: February 13, 2007 in My life

I have not wrote anything in a couple of days.  We are in a twins club called Rair Pair.  The club was doing a fundraiser at the Cox Convention center this past weekend.  We worked one of the concession stands for 40.00 per person or you can get 10% of your sales if you sell over 1500.00.  You can take which ever one you want to.  Saturday night was so much fun.  The president, vice president, a women, and my wife and I were running thestand.  I got to run one of the cash registers.  It was cool until my register went down and would not add or subtract anything.  When it went down I looked like a re-re trying to fix this thing.  I had no idea what I was doing, and our runner went to get me a new one.  I started writing peoples orders down and that really sucked.  I had to add up everything on paper.  When the new register arrived I was back in business.  We were busy all night long and I only took one, one minute break.  After we closed the stand down we had to clean up.  Cleaning up was not all that bad since I really did not have to do anything.  All I did was count my drawer.  Finally we got finished with clean up and counting money then we headeddown to the concession office.  They gave us 500.00 in our register before we started.  When we counted the money in the office we got a figure that was well over 1500.00.  We had sold 4389.00 of food and drinks.  That is ridiculous!!!   People really spend that much money on crappy food(chili cheese hot dogs and nachos, with japalows…lol…and all sorts of candy with popcorn and sodas).  Not only did we get the 10% of our sales but we also made 67.00 in tips.  We ate IHOP afterwards and did not get home until 2:30 in the morning. 


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