Friday night

Posted: February 17, 2007 in My life

I promise this is not another rant.  Tonight my family and I went to Olive Garden for dinner.  Oh ya, my kids are still in town so I do not know how the studying will go.  Our hostess set us at our table and the manager greeted us and said, “Hi my name is Carlos and I am the manager here.  These two girls will be waiting on you.  If there is another I can do for you, just let me know.”  Everything was going good until the salad arrived.  Everyone got like a pinch of salad.  What did we do?  Asked for some more salad. Ten minutes go bye and no salad.  By then our drinks were empty.  My brother-n-law had a cup of water that had literally been sucked dry.  He had eaten all of the ice.  We asked for more drinks and more salad again.  We set there for another ten to fifteen minutes and still no salad or drinks.  Having two waitresses at one table would be enough you would think.  I guess not though.  The food got here and it smelt great, but what do you know my pizza was not here.  They said it would be out in a few minutes.  We waited for about five to ten more minutes and still no salad or drinks and no food.  We finally got a buss boy to come over to the table.  I asked him if he would send the manager over here.   The manager came and asked what he could do for us.  I told him everything from no drinks, no salad, and having no food.  He kind of just blew me off like it was no big deal.  To sum it all up the whole family ate for free and the pizza tasted awesome.

  1. cjal14 says:

    that might be borderline ranting

  2. olive garden menu

    olive garden menu

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