Posted: March 5, 2007 in Uncategorized

Last night we went to Wal-mart.  How many times do you have to tell your kids (if you have any) to sit down or the might fall out of the cart.  Well I tell my four year old twin boys to sit down every five minutes.  My wife wanted to look at some clothes for the boys.  As she was showing me some shirts and other things the boys are in the cart laughing and wrestling around.  I told them to stop or they were going to fall out.  What happened next, yep, I turned around to look at some more clothes and two seconds later both of them were going headfirst into the ground.  I tried to catch a least one of them.  I did not happen.  I barely got to touch Jaxons leg but just enough to change the way he landed.  Jadon hit the hardest.  After that was all over and the tears were gone.  I said now you know why mommy and daddy tell you to stay seated in the basket.


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