Journey church

Posted: March 12, 2007 in My life

The last two weeks my wife and I have went to Journey Church.  This week was a lot different than last.  WHY?  Because our experience was awesome and God was moving through the worship.  We have been having a hard time tying to find a church that we enjoy and one that the boys will like.  Our church in Norman, OK transplanted into the Dallas area.  My father-n-law was the pastor and still is until we sell our building and the church totally shuts down.  We are having services on Wednesday nights only.  We want to get involved with another church but it is hard when your are still connected to a church that is barley open.  I really do not want to abandon my father.  There is only five to eight people max that come on Wednesday nights but he needs my support.  The people that go are really just spectators.  There were kind of their at the beginning and kind here at the end but, have never really did anything.  I guess support is good while you are trying to transition.  Journey Church in Norman has got it going on.  Everything they are doing right now is just awesome.  The one thing I did not like was when I filled out a communication card.  They called us four times and sent us three letters of how excited there were that we visited them.  To me, that is just way to much.  Other than that the church is going to be huge and will take over Norman.  I would bet in five to ten years they will be one of the biggest Churches in America.  As soon as my father gets moved to Dallas I will connect with Journey church full time.  God is awesome and I will thank him all the days of my life. 

  1. aubrey says:

    What up biscuit? Talk to dad about it man.

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