Posted: June 3, 2007 in Uncategorized

I went to breakfast with a man before church this morning. He is one of the boys T-ball coachs. He used to be a youth pastor at a church somewhere…I forgot where. God told him to moved to Norman. He did not really question God. I remember now. It was New Mexico. He came to Norman thinking they were suppose to start a church. He still is not sure what God wants him to do. He threw a thought in the air that maybe God wants him and his wife just to sit back and learn. I agreed with him about that. Sometimes we get so wrapped up with what we are doing and researching that we forget to learn a little, however, we should be learning from all the research. He ask me, “how should a church run.” I did not quite no the answer to that. He said, we could do it just like jesus did. I told him that in our world today there are more unchurch people than ever. Now I am faced with the question from brother “How much of what I do in ministry is personal driven and how much is professional?” Well gotta go get the kids ready for church. Be back on this one soon.


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