What do to with life?

Posted: July 6, 2007 in My life

Have you ever felt like your world stop turning? Mine has. Wednesday I probably did the most dumbest thing in my entire life. Let me fill you in with my history. I have been working at Norman Regional Hospital for 5 years this month. My friend and I were working in ICU and we had this idea to prank call his grandma that works on another floor. Well we did and she did not know it was us. By the time we got around to talking to her about funny phone calls she had already turned it in to the Human Resources Department. She was in total shock that it was us and she tried to take it back but the would not let her. The end result to this is that had to voluntarily resign from the hospital. It was kinda jacked up though, I have never been in trouble before. They never gave me a warning or anything of that nature. So now what do I do? That hospital has been my life for the past five years. One thing I have always known, is that God has got something better on the other side. I am praying and trusting in God for something to happen.

  1. Kelly says:

    OMGosh! I feel for you. Due to my odd sense of humor, I have had a few close calls in my workplace – corporate bank headquarters. One time, I noticed a sign on the refridgerator in our break room “lost Florida State cup – please return”. I wrote a ranson letter that it would be returned for $10. The place I wrote the ranson letter was on the receptionist’s desk blotter – which ensured the news would travel quickly. I did as the “situation” was esculated to HR in which I found myself in front of Human Resources asking if I had the the beloved Florida State cup. A cup? Does not anyone have a sense of humor anymore? What was more amazaing is the owner of the cup went to her manageer, which is comptroller of the company and he was the one who esculated it to HR.
    I am sorry the hospital you worked for and all businesses for that matter, have gone to this extreme with their interpretation of laws that fail to add common sense in the equation when adhering to their policies.

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