Posted: September 1, 2007 in My life

The other day I was at Starbuck’s having some coffee with a good friend of mine (Trey). We have been meeting there once a week on Wednesday mornings. I really like this guy. He is on staff at Journey Church. We were talking about were my heart is in ministry. I really did not know how to answer that qusetion. At home later that night I was praying about that subject. I was talking to God about were in the heck I was suppose to be in the ministry. Not a minute later I saw young peoples faces flying at me. It was kind of a wierd thing, but I know that was from God. Right then it all made since. I need to be leading and teaching the young married couples. At our old church I was the childrens pastor and helped out with the youth. We had talked about the young married couples but did not ever do anything with it. I told my wife the next day about the pray and she freaked out becasue she was going to tell me that when she gets done with school that she thought we should do something with the young married couples. That was the first confirmation to the prayer. Later in the day I went to the church to get some money from my dad and one of the other guys asked me where my heart was in ministry…lol….This is really kool. With him not knowing that I had a discussion with God and Trey about the same thing he asked me. I told him I have been involved with childrens, and youth, but I am suppose to do something with young married couples. He said, “great because we need some people to teach young married couples about finances, and having a healthy marriage/relationships.” This was confirmation number two. Golly Jee, how many confirmations does a brotha need? I thought all this was pretty great. Know I now the answer. YOUNG COUPLES!!!


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