Road trip to Midland, Tx

Posted: March 20, 2008 in My life

Road trip to see Grandma Sanchez. She is not doing well and is probably going to die within the next few weeks. Our whole family took off to Texas on Wednesday night. There is nothing here, besides mexicans and trashy hotels. I am not being raciest. I am married to a family full of mexicanos. Be praying for the family. On another subject; The hotel we stayed in last night was Ghetttttttooooo!!!! It was so disguisting we cancelled for our Thursday night stay and went somewhere else. Studio 6….That is where we are right now. This place is a lot better. Several reasons why…..

1. It smells better!
2. Sheets don’t have hair and stains on them!
3. I did not find any female products hiding under anything!

Those of you who were with us understand that last one!!!


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