Posted: April 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

Another day at the work place…It was a long and frustrating day. I had several girls get mad at me because they are stupid. One of em wanted me to go get her kids from daycare…lol…. That is retarded. I have my own kids to worry about. Another one was just acting dumb. I am writing a couple of them up in the morning. On a previous blog, I wrote about me taking a new position…well, that is not true anymore. We had to make some adjustments and me taking the position was not good timing, I guess. They offered it to me and then took it away. Yeah i know, that’s gay! They said that they really did not give the other guy a chance, however, yesterday they fired him and they asked me to take on more responsibility with out the pay increase. That doesn’t really make sense to me. Does it to anyone else?


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