6 Years

Posted: May 4, 2008 in My life

Today is our 6th year of marriage. It was definitely the weirdest one of all. Ashley was in Dallas, TX all weekend. She got home around three today. So, we did absolutely nothing special for our anniversary. We did do some fishing with the family though. That was fun! Some caught fish, and others did not….MEGAN…lol. Sorry Meg. It’s the poles fault! I can not wait until Ashley gets done with school. I just hate the fact that she has to travel across the universe. It’s good that she is getting that degree, but we don’t plan on her going to work when she gets out. That’s right….not going to work! Why should she go work for somebody when she can work with me at home. AdvoCare is what I’m talking about. Most of you who is reading this are involved. For the rest of you, GET INVOLVED! Curious about what it is, go to workwithchampions.com and view some of the videos there.


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