New Business

Posted: January 18, 2009 in My life

I have a new business that I started with two other guys. The name is Millennium Roofing & Construction. I am really excited about what God has planned for this year. Our plan and goal with this company was to create something that would allow us as individuals be successful and help others become successful. We are not just going to stay in Norman for ever. We plan to follow the hail storms all over the U.S.. Not to sound like I want to rip people off, but we are going to chase the hail storms with this business. If it takes us to New York City then so be it. This will allow us to travel to places that we may have never been before. And we will be taking our families with us. When we started in Norman, OK. We were a month and half behind schedule as far as getting our name out there. Nobody knows who you are until you tell them. Now we have people calling us almost everyday. We are getting extremely busy and we need to hire salesmen. If you are a good salesman, I NEED YOU!!!


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