Posted: January 11, 2010 in My life
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Here I am once again laying in my bed forcing my eyes shut thinking it will help me go to sleep. Bedtime! I think not!!! I think bedtime is when I fall asleep. When my eyes are open it seems that I never stop thinking. I hate it! I never remember falling asleep either. I think I will rant for a while. Ok, done ranting.

Thoughts- Church was really good this past Sunday. Today was a busy day. I feel like I got nothing accomplished. I went to lunch with a guy from our church(#JC) last week…oopps! That’s the Twitter coming out. Anyway, he gave me a book titled “20 things I need to tell my son”. In my case it’s sons! The first chapter talks about how God has a plan for my life and for my childrens life. At the end of each chapter it ask that you write down three things that your son needs to hear from you.
1. Always put God first in everything that you do
2. Learn how to pray to God by themselves
3. Take responsibility for your own actions.

The boys and I had a really good conversation about these three things. I love being able to teach my kids about God and the plans that he has for there lives. Last and final thing before I go….teach your child the right way, or someone else will teach him the wrong way.


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