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October 13, 2012

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I had a great deep sleep after a long day yesterday. We have a football game at 12:30 in Jones (Longhorns). I hope the boys can get it together today and kick some tail! Bout to have some coffee with my wife across the street with her parents. 🙂




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Coffee is GREAT!

I just got finished working out…holly cow!!! It’s so much colder outside when your wet. haha! I decided to go around the corner and grab some Starbucks while I wait on my wife to get finished with her Zumba class. When I get home I may go across the street and get into my in-laws hot tub. It seems crazy to be in a hot tub when it’s below the normal temperature for me to be outside…


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20120212-125751.jpg I love drinking coffee when it’s freezing outside! If you get a chance to visit seven47, u have to try the coffee!!!


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There is nothing wrong with getting some iced coffee from mickeydees!!! It’s cheeper than sbux!!!
I love you guys.


Posted: March 10, 2008 in Coffee, Deep Thoughts, My life

Right now I am drinking some coffee at Starbucks. I love this place. Coffee is good and it is a great place to sit and think about stuff. I have been introduced to a guy by the name of Steven Furtick. He is a 28 year old Pastor at Elevation Church in North Carolina. This guy is frekin awesome. He started this church about two years ago and they don’t even have there own facility; they are reaching about 4000 thousand people. You say “WOW” that’s a lot of people. This guy is reaching my generation and others as well. Go check em out.

Starbucks Name Change

Posted: February 18, 2008 in Coffee, My life

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