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WOW! GOD is so great. I am so excited about life this year. It seems like I say “I’m excited” a lot? I am though!! It’s true! Just an update with what we are doing.  My wife and I have been super involved at our church that is a satellite campus.  Norman is not that big of a town but we have a location on the east side of town called, LW (aka) Love Works Campus/Journey Church. Love Works is our community outreach program.  Last Saturday for our egg hunt, (no I am guessing and this does not reflect LW or Journey Church) I think we had any where from 900-1200 people show up with there kids.  I had a really good time helping set up, interact acting with people, serving, and tearing down.  Then Sunday we hit record numbers at the LW.  GOD is big and has great plans for NORMAN!


Happy New Year

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Happy New Year!!! I am ready for the new year.  We have some big plans for this year.  Can’t wait to see things get developed, grow, and be successful.  Check us out at If you live in Oklahoma you need to come see us at the January 2011 Home and Garden Show.  Don’t forget to sign up for the free ROOF giveaway when your there!!!

It’s been a while. I’ve been extremly busy these last few months. I hate not being able to really sit down and take the time to right on my blog! Thank God for the iPhone app. If I would ever use it. Millennium is growing and we are expanding. I can’t go into detail just yet, but God is an awesome God and he always provides for us. If you need a job or just wanna make some extra money for the summer, call us! We do just about anything and eveything there is to do in the Roofing and Construction industry. We are changing up our website and will be putting a new gallery up. Check back in and see the new site HEREw

Snowed In…

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Here is a glimpse of what we do when it’s cold and snowy outside.


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We are at Cheddars for lunch today. So far it has been a horriable experience. The tea that I ordered came out as a water downed diet dr. pepper. The salad that Ash and I ordered sucked too. The food just came out. I will tweet the results. I really don’t think our waiter is cut out for this job either.


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I haven’t talked about work in a while. This week I will be working alone. One partner is in Georgia at our second campus. The other one will be headed to Mexico for vacation. It’s a bitter sweet week. We have decided to shut down our location in GA. It’s really hard to run a business 13 hours away, especially when you can’t trust anyone. I’m just glad it’s over. On the other hand, Oklahoma is booming and growing. We have been doing well this year. I thank God and our sales reps all the time. Well, I need to make some calls before it’s to late.


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I forgot my video camera so there will not be any videos to watch. We had a blast snow sledding! My leg on the other hand his in severe pain. My partners and I built this ramp in the snow. It was bad to the bone. (literally) Everyone was wanting to go on it. I was the one who went first to test it out. (BTW) I took our wake board and made it snowable. I just made that word up! When I hit the ramp, I flew into the air and landed on the side of the board….OUCH!!! CRACK!!! It felt like I broke my leg, arm, back, and neck. I don’t feel very well now. You can view the pic of my leg here.