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Coffee is GREAT!

I just got finished working out…holly cow!!! It’s so much colder outside when your wet. haha! I decided to go around the corner and grab some Starbucks while I wait on my wife to get finished with her Zumba class. When I get home I may go across the street and get into my in-laws hot tub. It seems crazy to be in a hot tub when it’s below the normal temperature for me to be outside…



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20120212-125751.jpg I love drinking coffee when it’s freezing outside! If you get a chance to visit seven47, u have to try the coffee!!!


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I have been trying to get logged into my blog forever!!!!! I sent a request to support and decided to log in one more time with what I thought would be my login and password….Guess what?!? It worked!!! I would like to start using more video for my blog. Should I do it? Let me know.

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year!!! I am ready for the new year.  We have some big plans for this year.  Can’t wait to see things get developed, grow, and be successful.  Check us out at If you live in Oklahoma you need to come see us at the January 2011 Home and Garden Show.  Don’t forget to sign up for the free ROOF giveaway when your there!!!


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Starting out Matt and Carla Harrel spoke very highly of themselves and there company. They built a great looking house for us. The process that it took for us to get our house built was such a headache. Matt would say one thing and Carla would say another. There was a huge communication problem with them. There were a lot of promises made and we had to fight to get them. We were charged for stuff that was suppose to be in the sqft price. Our cabinets have scratches all over them. Our floors look horrible. We thought we were going to be able to have an awesome experience building our DREAM home, but thanks to these guys, we didn’t. I should have done my homework better. No BBB rating and they are all talk. Stay clear of these guys! They still haven’t finished the punch out list I gave them and we have been living here for a month. They showed not an ounce of professionalism from the way they communicate to the way they dress. If you want a good experience, don’t use StoneCreek Homes of Moore, OK.


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Well, hurricane season is definitely here. We were getting ready to pack up and head to New York to work Earl. My business partner actually got called out by pilot cat. That is the name of the company we use to work for when we were adjusters. Hope everyone stays safe this season of storms. I’m ready for something big to hit so we can chase this storm.

More time

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Why does it always feel like there is never enough time in the day to get things done? We have been swamped at Millennium Roofing! Thank God we have a group of people that bust there butts and go above and beyond for this company. I’m grateful to have this team! Thanks everyone. We need more daylight!