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October 12, 2012

Posted: October 12, 2012 in Family, Hunting, My life
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Well, today was a long one! Woke up at 3:50 am this morning to go hunting. There was a nice thunderstorm that rolled in causing the wildlife to bed down and stay dormant for a few hours. Around noon I decided to hop on the four wheeler to head back to the truck. I didn’t bring any food with me so running into town was the perfect idea for lunch! On the way back to the truck, my four wheeler runs out of gas. So, I finished walking to the truck. When I got there I realized I left my keys in my backpack. WHAT!!! Are you kidding me!!! So, I had to walk all the way back to my stand and get my bag. Once I did that and got back to the truck, I noticed the back left tire was flat! WHAT!!! Seriously! My day just got worse! To top all that off I had no phone charger and my phone died. Luckily, I sent my wife a text to come save me! My day went from awful to GREAT when she and her parents pulled in! We filled the four wheeler up with gas, aired the tire up that didn’t stay up. We had to take the tire off, run into town air it up and bring back to put it on. OMG!!! 640 acres is no place to run out of gas nor have flat tires. Thank you GOD, wife, and in-laws for saving my life today!


People in the car…

Posted: March 22, 2008 in My life
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These are the mexicans that rode with me to Midland, Tx.
Ashley and the boys. Pictures not shown.
Megan and Aubrey.aubmeg.jpg
Dad…”AKA” Billy.img00302.jpg
We are a pretty good looking family…I think I’m going to right a song. “don’t cha wish your family was hot like mine”