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WOW! GOD is so great. I am so excited about life this year. It seems like I say “I’m excited” a lot? I am though!! It’s true! Just an update with what we are doing.  My wife and I have been super involved at our church that is a satellite campus.  Norman is not that big of a town but we have a location on the east side of town called, LW (aka) Love Works Campus/Journey Church. Love Works is our community outreach program.  Last Saturday for our egg hunt, (no I am guessing and this does not reflect LW or Journey Church) I think we had any where from 900-1200 people show up with there kids.  I had a really good time helping set up, interact acting with people, serving, and tearing down.  Then Sunday we hit record numbers at the LW.  GOD is big and has great plans for NORMAN!